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MakeSpace for Ujjayi: 6 Genius Solutions For Organizing Bathroom Clutter

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What are your most nurturing self-care habits?

Maybe you greet each morning with thoughtful meditation? Or empower your beauty cabinet with healthy products to match your lifestyle? Or maybe you clear your head at the end of each day by bullet journaling?

Turns out there’s one more thing you might consider addressing, to ensure maximum happiness:


Studies have shown that clutter is detrimental to your mental health. Meaning, those moveable messes, could be causing inexplicable stress you experience (even if you treat yourself with the utmost kindness).

If you’d like to see what eliminating clutter does for your own mental health, you could start by addressing your bathroom. For a room that's often the smallest in a home, bathrooms tend to accumulate the most clutter.

If you kickstart your day with a morning shower, you’ve probably noticed, it’s easier in a bathroom where only your essential products are out.

Likewise, if you unwind after a long day with a hot, essential-oil-infused bath. It’s always more luxurious with the immediate surrounding area as relaxing as possible. A bathtub ledge, filled with only candles, is incredibly soothing.  

 Check out these six ideas and tricks to clear up your bathroom, courtesy of MakeSpace --- the full-service alternative to self-storage units in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, and DC. Follow these tips and enjoy a bathroom that’s clear and refreshed:


  1. Hang --- or Fold --- Your Towels Out to Dry  

IMAGE via Homey Oh My.

 If you have a couple of buckets lying around, some rope, and a knack for DIY, then you can totally craft this cute hanging organizer. It's perfect for stashing hand, face, or Turkish towels. And you don't even have to drill the hook in. Just use a removable adhesive, or fashion a Sugru hook.

Or you could purchase the pre-made equivalent: a magazine rack with four canvas baskets from Hayneedle or a three-drawer storage unit from Amazon.

 Other storage solutions for big towels in a little bathroom include using a ladder (buy one or DIY an over-the-toilet towel storage ladder), and wooden crates converted into wall shelves.

  1. Make StickOnPods Your New BFF

Image from The Container Store (included with email)

If your toothpaste takes a tumble, every time you open your medicine cabinet, we have some good news:

These clear, pop-on organizers may just be your godsent team of clutter-busting fairies.

The small-but-mighty pods corral your everyday staples into simple, easy-to-access spots. And they’re non-permanent, making them perfect for renters and redecorators alike.

  1. DIY Toothbrush Holders

 Be kind to the earth and your teeth with these fun, easy-to-make toothbrush holders.

You just need some recycled plastic caps and velcro to make a space-saving alternative to using cups or holders on your bathroom sink.

Or you could pop these Yamazaki Tower toothbrush holders onto your mirror and let them take it from there.

  1. Use a Rotating Table for All Your Toiletries

IMAGE via Pinterest/Cosmopolitan

 Lazy Susans don’t exactly live up to their name. They’re more like secret workhorses of the home. They can store everything from refrigerated condiments to cleaners under the kitchen sink.

So it’s no surprise, Lazy Susans also shine at clutter control for the bathroom. Fill yours, with the products you access daily, like your Ujjayi charcoal deodorant and mouthwash.

If you have lots of products, try using a two-tiered turntable. Fill the bottom with items you need less frequently, like those eucalyptus candles for your warm baths.

  1. Divvy Up Your Drawers with Dividers

IMAGE via Pinterest/Good Housekeeping

Even after you’ve popped your towels into buckets, your toothbrushes into holders, and your daily products onto a turntable, you might still see clutter.

The first step is to get rid of any items you don’t actually need. It’s the golden rule of organizing: Don’t buy any storage containers until you actually know what you’ll be storing.

After you’ve recycled any expired lotions and empty floss containers, then it’s time to decide how much you’ll need to store.

Drawer dividers are the perfect vessel for this, since they come in different sizes and can be customized to your needs. We recommend bamboo, which is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Bed, Bath & Beyond makes some bamboo drawer organizers in a variety of sizes.

  1. Spruce Up - Inside the Shower

IMAGE via Copy Cat Chic

Whether you have a full bath or tiny standing shower, chances are you could benefit from having more space for your bath-time products.

Good Housekeeping recommends propping an extra shower rod inside your shower. Then, hang some S-hooks on the rod to hold your loofah, shower caddy, and sponge.  

 While you’re at it, replace any shampoo you never use and soap slivers with rejuvenating shachua soap bars instead. Your body will thank you.

What are some of your favorite tips/tricks for tidying and optimizing your space?

This is a guest post written by Molli of MakeSpace

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